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Solution for NullReferenceException

So, i checked the comments many readers posted and 've been getting this complaint  A LOT from MANY users, where most say something like this:

"I am having a NullRefrenceException error during runtime and the block of code it point to is below:

var faces =
grayframe.DetectHaarCascade(haar, 1.4, 4,…

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Level 3e - How to Extract the Detected Faces From Input Image

Once faces have been detected from an input image, extract each single face out and save to a folder OR view on the windows form in a picturebox

NOTE: we're starting off with modifying the Camera Capture application, right where we left it at the end of Level 3d. how we connected t…

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Level 4b - PART II - How does PCA Eigenfaces Recognize a Face? - The Algorithm Steps

1-Recap of Part 1 - What is PCA and what does it do?
2-Working Principles & Pre-requisites of PCA Eigenfaces
3-The Algorithm Steps of PCA Eigenfaces (animated & without messy mathematics )
*The steps to Train the Recognizer.
*The steps to Recognize an Unknown Face

What is…

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