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Level 4b - PART II - How does PCA Eigenfaces Recognize a Face? - The Algorithm Steps

1-Recap of Part 1 - What is PCA and what does it do?
2-Working Principles & Pre-requisites of PCA Eigenfaces
3-The Algorithm Steps of PCA Eigenfaces (animated & without messy mathematics )
*The steps to Train the Recognizer.
*The steps to Recognize an Unknown Face

What is PCA and what it does (Recap of Level 4b-Part I):
Before you learn the Algorithm steps in PCA to recognize a face, please you MUST know the following stuff:


Getting ready for the Algorithm steps:  

PCA Eigenfaces
Algorithm steps to Recognize a Face


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thanks for the tutorials. I've learned a lot from it.

Hi there,
Those were some real nice tutorials for face recognition beginners. I have been looking around for something exactly like this. Thanks a lot!!!
Btw can you please send the presentation slides used in the tutorials on my email address? That will be a great help.

Hi Mahavish,

Indeed its best tutorial,
I appreciate efforts you have put behind preparing these videos.
I like intentions as "Guru" when you say "DEAR BEGINNERS, i have made these tutorials keeping especially you in mind, so please read the THE WHOLE TUTORIAL, so that you understand and "LEARN"!"
I have learnt the PCA & eigen faces, i am doing project on beaglebone black and Linux, I will post my work as soon as i am done.

Thank you very much!

thank you... these tutorials were of great help

Amazing simplification of such a complex topic.



realy good lectrue to understand face recognition

Thank you and great effort ...

This tutorial is very helpful. I will be implementing it in Matlab. But your tutorial has really helped me to be clear with the basics of PCA which I partially understood by reading the research papers but now I am clear with the concepts. Thanks a ton:)

Thanks a lot for your tutorials. It helps me to understand the PCA in a short time.

you are best Mahvish.you are life saver.