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Level 4c - PART II - Design & Create a Faces Database for our Face Recognition System

September 1, 2012

Watch Part 1 at Vimeo (for those having trouble with youtube)


OR watch PART 1 & 2 at youtube:


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I want see tutorial of you, it is very very good.
Thanks you very very much.

Good to have you back after 5 months!
Looking foward for the next tutorials.. especially for a "working application" of face recognition tutorial. :)

great! hope you finish soon

hi miss mahvish... can i directly save the trained face in the access db???plz.. send me send me how to performed it... or any idea... thanks

Dear friend,

Thank you SO much for this wonderful site :) I have followed all the tutorials and stopped where I have to implement PCA ...Please help me as I don't fully understand the steps and thus am not able to implement it. I want pure implementation(algorithm follow up) not just using an EMGU function that does the job. Please guide and advice :))

hey thats good one, i am following ur tutorial, :) thank u

eagerly waiting for your next sessions i think u r so busy mam

read all of your tutorial here,its awesome.but m stuck at end.waiting for your next rest of the tutorial........

please upload them as soon as possible

thanks sir for your tuts ... there are very few tuts on net for emgu .... really good quality tuts ............... thankkkkkkkksss