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Level 0-EmguCV Installation Guide for 32-bit Windows users

June 8, 2011


NOTE: FOR THOSE WHO USE 64-bit Windows


1. Make sure you have Visual Studio C# 2008 installed (any edition, I’ve used Visual C# 2008 Express Edition and Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 Professional Editions on my 32-bit Win 7 Ultimate. So far so good.)

2. Download Emgu CV installer. You could use any latest vesion but i can't guarantee that my tutorials will work cent per cent same on it too. select your desired version here, or follow with mine below, I used the following version:
libemgucv-windows-x86- - Download it from here

3. Install Emgu CV to windows directory.( if you're using the same version as me, then copy-paste the following Path EXACTLY as in below fig, To avoid any incompatibility with my tutorials.):

note: 'emgucv-windows-x86' is the name of the setup file. Depending on the version you're using, if it's different than mine, adjust it according to YOUR setup file name please)

Set Path of EmguCv at installation


PART 2- Run the Examples!--checking if we correctly configured our tools:

4. Go to the VS2008 folder in Emgu, path is as follows:

and open Emgu.CV.Example.sln, (click OK to any error messages(if any) when they appear while trying to open the .sln, they're for Visual Basic files, C# files will load normally)

Note: before you run any example; you should first replace the missing reference files with their correct n current paths. The following explains how to:

A.Replace/add the path of project References:
4. When the Project solution is opened, first expand the project’s “References” from the “solution explorer” at right side of the IDE. Then Delete all the Emgu.CV.xxx.dll files in the reference if it has a yellow exclamation mark on it indicating that file is missing from path specified. REMEMBER which ones you deleted, because now we will add them.

    i. Right-click References and select "add reference"

    ii. Select the Browse tab
    iii. To add a .dll file, browse to where the required .dll files are located. For our tutorial, our required .dll files are in EmguCV’s bin folder at the following path:        C:\Emgu\emgucv2.2.1.1150\bin

     iv. Select the .dll file you want to add. Click ok. (you can select and add multiple .dll files at once by holding ctrl+click as shown in level-1 Tutorial)

The files should be added by now! see the Emgu.CV  and Emgu.Util under References where the red arrow is pointing in the Solution Explorer? that's it! :)

B. Build the solution:
5. OK so we’ve checked if our referenced dlls were missing and took care of the matter. Now let’s get down to our main point. That’s right! Let’s see the output already!
For that, Right-click the Solution 'Emgu.CV.Example' in the solution explorer and select Build solution. Then once it is built, click the debug button (green play button), now you should see a window with “hello world” pop up. I did. Maybe you will too if all went well so far :)

6. Congratulations! You just successfully configured your first EmguCV project!
After this is done, all the other EmguCV Examples are ready to be built and be debugged. They will be present at the following path C:\Emgu\emgucv2.2.1.1150\Emgu.CV.Example



Please make more opencv tutorials

I cannot run the example programs. there is always an error. i am using emgucv-windows-x86 and visual studio 2010. can you please help me. tnx

iam using Win7 64
and there is error due to this
is there any solotion instead of installing Win7 32

A very impressive effort, all this work you have done presenting this stuff.
I like it !
Keep it up at a steady pace.

Great Work Mahvish. My head is spinning after reading it all. It will take a few more readings to get it to sink in. ! I wish I had quarter of your brain !!.
Looking forward to you finishing the tutorial.

Great and awesome work mehvish keep it up and your knowledge is writing my future because my final project is based on image processing.

God job man,

Very Good :)

excellent,excellent,excellent tutorial....
Thak you for yor work...

Thank you for your effort to teach the first steps on Emgu!
I know a little bit about C# and i wanna migrate a javacv application to C# with win forms.
This level 0 helped me a lot!

this was actually a great tutorial to start on working computer vision.

really great efforts
where i get the remaining of these tutorial?
thanks a lot.

VS2010 work well but get more error if open it with VS 2008 express

I havent even started with your tutorial, reading this page I already know I am going to like this. By the simple english, straight to the point, step by step instructions. Totally different from other tutorial I have seen, either to advandce or half-hearted tutorial. Thank you from a newbie like me. Wish to follow your tutorial until I manage to get my own face recognition system of myself (doubt it). THANK YOU Miss Mahvish.

I am so Lucky i found your tutorials.
I have been around this subject for weeks!
Thanks you Mahvish,
Keep up the goodwork!

nice tutorial really informative for beginners keep it up sir.. =) im trying to learn C# and your tutorial is quite nice... =D C# + EMGUCV tutz...

I am able to install the library and the hello world program runs perfectly, but when i tried the camera capture program my webcam light turns on but does not capture. any one seen that help needed. Thanks

I'm looking for this one year ago and there is nothing on the web. Good job !Thanks you.

U have done a very good job, it provides a very easy way for the beginners. Thanks for sharing this.

Miss Mahvish , we are waiting for your next tutorials . but..... you are absent . i hope you will be fine. I am badly stucked in my project. please make more tutorials

thanks for sharing your knowledge..its really a very simple yet effective tutorial

Hi Mahvish
Thanks for this awesome content.
Will disturb you wen ill need ur help :P

I am using VS 2010 on windows 7 x64. After downloading and installing when trying to build the example project I get 17 linking errors from the C++ CPlusPlus project. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot for this tutorial. It provides the beginners ( like me :) ) with clear explanation.

Well, I have 2 problems here I am facing:
1. when I try to run an example, an error pops up saying that nvcuda.dll is missing.
I searched the internet for that dll file and installed it. However, the program is not working after the installation.

2. I have copied and pasted the opencvXX.dll files to the debug directory, But still, the program is not working.

more info:
Windows 7 x64 bit.
Downloaded http://sourceforge.net/projects/emgucv/files/emgucv/2.4.2/libemgucv-windows-x64-gpu-

Nice emgucv tutorial that i've seen.
Very very easy to understand.
Thank you much!

Excellent job! You really have a passion to transfer your knowledge to others. Keep up the good work.

Fawad Ahmed
Associate Prof.
HITEC University, Taxila-Cantt, PAKISTAN

hy mavish..
i am using VS 2012 on window 7 x86. i can't run this hello world program. could emguCV using for Visual Studio 2012?

thanks it's great...


Hi Mahvish,

You work is highly appreciable. Thank you for the tutorial, i am doing my final year project as face detection recognition, your tutorial helping me to learn more about EMGUCV abilities and how to use it. Thank you again :-)

You are very kind thank you;-*

i am using win 7 64 bit and i have downloaded x64 installer when i run example of Hello World i get an error of The type initializer for 'Emgu.CV.CvInvoke' threw an exception.... plz hepl anyone.. :(

Thanks man...and it works!

"I am using VS 2010 on windows 7 x64. After downloading and installing when trying to build the example project I get 17 linking errors from the C++ CPlusPlus project. Any suggestions?" - I just ignored it and instead of running the entire solution (.sln), open just the .csproj projects, should work fine. Some of them were .NET 2.0 and needed to update them, but overall awesome tutorial, thank you so much!

Assalmoalikum Mam. Mahvish I am going to develop face reorganization project as FYP and I have read your first 2 tutorials these are very helpful to me.... Thank you so much........

Hey Mahvish,
I've gone through your tutorials n you won't believe how relieved I am and how much this tutorial has helped me.
The way you made sure to mention even the tiniest of details, calls for great accolades.
My respect to your patience and dedication!!!
I'l come to the point now..it's just that I've a few more questions to ask and there seems to be a problem with Q's n A's link.
I shall be obliged if you take the time to provide a link or a mail address so I can post my questions to you.
Thanx a lot!:)

Thanks man...!

Thanks for this useful tutorial. However, I have successfully installed the MS Visual Studio, but i cant find emgu.CV.Example.ncb in the folder (VS2008) will this affect my work / tutorial later?

Great work,this tutorial helped me a lot thaks...

thank you very much

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Great work.. could you please add links to next and previous tutorial so that it will be really easy for navigations. Just commented what strike in my mind... :)

Thank you!

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Hello, I got stuck in first tutorials, it says that haarcascade is obsolete and I was looking many pages in google and didn't find anything helpful, I hope you can answer me, please and thanks

Finally I can run this code.
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Thank you for this tutorial.. I followed it step-by-step so that I won't have any problems and so I finished this tutorial. This was really helpful.

thankyou Mahvish for this... it is helping alot in my FYP :)

Great work,this tutorial helped me a lot thanks...


Really helpful link. Thanks


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