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Level 4c - PART I - Analyze and Design The Face Recognition System

May 4, 2012

To be able to implement face recognition system,
first find out the Needed components to implement the face recognition system. what are their functionality, and how they interact with each other.
Partition the system into sub-systems
and Design The User Interface of System.

System Analysis: Deciding “what jobs face recognition system must do”

System Design: Deciding “how  Face Recognition system should do each job”   

THE VIDEO TUTORIAL (Please watch ALL parts below):

Learning objectives of Level 4c Part I

Why do system analysis & Design before implementation? :
Ok, this video (part 2/5), is for EXTREME beginners. skip it if you like, or watch if you've time to spare.
and if you do, sorry if the example seems lousy :D

STEP 1- Decide functionalities that the system must perform & group them into Components:

STEP 2- Partition the system into 2 sub-system & develop a logical Design

STEP 3- Design the user interface for the subsystems - decide which user control tools make up which component on the windows form.

******THE END OF LEVEL 4C PART I *******

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