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Level 4c - PART II - Design & Create a Faces Database for our Face Recognition System

Watch Part 1 at Vimeo (for those having trouble with youtube)


OR watch PART 1 & 2 at youtube:


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Hi again there.. i have finished all your tutorials finally! Face detection works perfectly. But the hardest part is the recognition, is it possible for you to make a tutorial for that, (i mean thorough explanation on the coding), really need your help on that.. I would be grateful if you can provide it soon as possible.

Thanks a lot :) Im so thankful that i found your tutorials..

I've made significant progress in my major project with the help from your tutorials!
All thanx to you! :)
I'd be really humbled if you provide me a means of contacting you(mail id or phone).
I just have some doubts regarding recognition and would like to clarify them with you.
I can see that you're busy with your job from the comments!:D
Yet we'r gonna need you to complete this tutorial as early as possible :D plz :D my apologies for dis though ^-^

how will i connect database with face detection and recog system.. could u help!!!

awesome tutorials !!! please continue the awesome work !! waiting for your next tuts !

ive been waiting for this...

thanks for this wonderful tutorial...keep it up

thanks sir for your tuts ... there are very few tuts on net for emgu .... really good quality tuts ............... thankkkkkkkksss

read all of your tutorial here,its awesome.but m stuck at end.waiting for your next rest of the tutorial........

please upload them as soon as possible

eagerly waiting for your next sessions i think u r so busy mam