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How To Read an Image and convert to EmguCV Type?

Here's how to read an image file from your hard drive and use it as EmguCV type color image in your code?

Image<bgr, byte> EmguImage = new Image<bgr, byte>(new Bitmap(@"E:\IMAGES\BirthdayCard.jpg")); 

Description:  We declared a new variable of type EmguCV color image. We called this variable…

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Level 3e - How to Extract the Detected Faces From Input Image

Once faces have been detected from an input image, extract each single face out and save to a folder OR view on the windows form in a picturebox

NOTE: we're starting off with modifying the Camera Capture application, right where we left it at the end of Level 3d. how we connected t…

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'Emgu.CV.Invoke' threw an exception? -SOLUTION


'Emgu.CV.CvIvoke' threw an exception!!!?!
Working in EmguCV? and you also got this BUGGING error? especially when working with a web cam?

 You might have tried various sites to find the solution to this problem. we did and trust me we couldn't find anything that worked or …

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