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How To Read an Image and convert to EmguCV Type?

April 7, 2013

Here's how to read an image file from your hard drive and use it as EmguCV type color image in your code?

Image<bgr, byte> EmguImage = new Image<bgr, byte>(new Bitmap(@"E:\IMAGES\BirthdayCard.jpg")); 

Description:  We declared a new variable of type EmguCV color image. We called this variable…

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Level 3e - How to Extract the Detected Faces From Input Image

April 30, 2012

Once faces have been detected from an input image, extract each single face out and save to a folder OR view on the windows form in a picturebox

NOTE: we're starting off with modifying the Camera Capture application, right where we left it at the end of Level 3d. how we connected to camera, got an input image, detected faces and marked them in boxes and displayed them - to know all that, please have a detailed look at Level 1 and then  Level 3a to Level 3d

STEP 1:  If you still haven't then Add a button to "Browse For Input Image" on your application.

STEP 2:  Insert the Co…

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Level 1 - Lets Make a WORKING Camera Application

June 20, 2011

I hope you've got the level 0 done nice and smoothly? if so, then lets move on to our next step: lets make a brand new windows application using Emgu CV library. we'll be making a camera application based on EmguCV's own example.
we'll make it such that…

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